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Hollywood Glam Gala

The annual Youth Dynamics Gala is the biggest fundraiser of the year to raise money for youths in our community. This year the theme was Hollywood glam, and as always their focus is on relational,  adventure ministry and fostering lasting…
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Spring Clean-up Landscape Edition

  How did March sneak up on us so fast? All of a sudden we are busy, busy, busy with spring clean-ups. After the winter months, it is commonplace for debris to have accumulated; tidying up is a crucial step in preparing your landscape…

Irrigation | Spring Start-up

Springtime comes with a laundry list of seasonal tasks, and the start-up of your irrigation system is probably at the top of your to-do list. Grass and new-growth are starting to sprout, marking the official beginning of the gardening season!…
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Small Space, Big Impact

It's easy to overlook the significance of small spaces. Here at ProScapes we have designed award-winning landscapes that maximize functionality. Sometimes all it takes to upgrade a small outdoor area is a trained eye to see how to combine…
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Getting a Landscape Estimate

New year, new projects, and new landscape estimates. That's the way these things go. Going into the new year, keep in mind that it's quite prudent to consider how busy a landscape construction company's calendar will become as we approach…

Sports Courts

Deciding to Add a Sports Court. It seems that we are seeing the addition of sports courts become more and more popular among homeowners, because it really is a hub of activity all year long! Whether it's basketball, pickleball, tennis (or…

Integrating Stairs | Design

When is it time to start thinking about integrating stairs into your hillside? Steep terrain, we love it for its rugged beauty and contours. However, it does present a challenge in the day-to-day functionality of a homesite. Installing…
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Our Community | Anacortes Schools Foundation

  We are so proud to be able to support our community and our schools. The Anacortes Schools Foundation does wonderful work, and their annual fundraising gala is here again! They have a fantastic live auction online featuring the…
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Drainage Solution | Dry River Beds

The Concept of Dry River Beds Winter brings precipitation in droves, and that calls for a drainage solution that will foster effective water management. One such solution gaining popularity is the use of dry river beds as a sustainable drainage…
ProScapes concrete curbing landscape border

Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is more than just a decorative element. There is a diverse range of benefits for your landscaping if you decide to have it installed, which are outlined below.  Concrete curbing is a versatile and stylish landscaping solution…