Deciding to Add a Sports Court.

ProScapes sports court

It seems that we are seeing the addition of sports courts become more and more popular among homeowners, because it really is a hub of activity all year long! Whether it’s basketball, pickleball, tennis (or a multi-sport area!), we can work with you to create a custom space. Do you want a dedicated basketball half-court or a versatile area for various sports? Basketball is an all-around favorite, but you may also want versatility for other sports like volleyball and badminton. It is totally within the realm of possibility to design a court that will suit your needs and complement your backyard! If you’re envisioning sports courts a place to bond over games, stay active, and create lasting memories, now may be time time to dive in.

Design and Installing a Sports Court

Deciding on the type of court can take some contemplation. We will assess the available space. For instance, a basketball court typically requires at least 30 by 35 feet, while a multi-sport court may need more. Next, we consider the most appropriate surface for the game markings. Concrete, interlocking tiles, or synthetic materials like rubber or polypropylene are most common. Each surface has its benefits, such as durability, shock absorption, and ease of maintenance. You may also consider adding lighting for evening games and amenities like seating, water stations, or storage for sports equipment. We can include these in your design. Other features to consider would be the installation of fencing or netting around the court for safety, and to keep the ball within bounds.

We know this is an investment in a physical structure as well as a lifestyle. We are here for you each step of the way to design and install this focal point of family life. After all, our yards are where we unwind after a long day, bond during the weekend, and invite friends over for friendly competitions. From shooting hoops to perfecting our serves, a sports court sees it all.


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