Integrating Stairs | Design


Stairs added to steep terrain by ProScapes stairs included in landscaping installed by ProScapes

When is it time to start thinking about integrating stairs into your hillside? Steep terrain, we love it for its rugged beauty and contours. However, it does present a challenge in the day-to-day functionality of a homesite. Installing stairs is a common request from our clients. Strategically placing steps to navigate a slope can transform the use and accessibility of your property. They can also be part of the design of a retaining wall. Moreover, stairs serve as a design focal point and are often constructed with stone and/or timber. Notice the rustic charm between the combination of the gray stone against the simplicity of the wood. It’s sturdy, inviting, and allows one to easily traverse a drastic elevation change, whereas beforehand, steep terrain was often too slick and difficult to get up and down. Even small hillsides benefit- a few steps really can “show the way” in keeping to a natural walking path. This helps with erosion and maintenance of the surrounding nature. We give stairways a big thumbs up!


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